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Miskolctapolca - Natural and historical treasures at the foot of Bükk

Miskolctapolca and exploring its surroundings, we can take part in a journey through time, where nature, both history and modern adventures can be found. Located at the foot of the Bükk Mountains, Miskolctapolca offers visitors plenty of opportunities, whether it's a pleasant weekend, or a longer vacation.

Main sights and attractions of Miskolctapolca:

  • Cave bath: Perhaps the best-known attraction in Miskolctapolca is the Cave Bath, which offers visitors a unique experience. Bathing in a cave with thermal water not only provides pleasant relaxation, but also has many health benefits.
  • Lake Hámori: Lake Hámori is one of the city's most popular hiking spots, where visitors can relax in nature. Walking around the lake, we can spend time boating or even fishing.
  • Lillafüred: The nearby Lillafüred is located in a magical environment at the junction of the Szinva stream and the Garadna stream. The Lillafüred Palace Hotel, the Hámori Lake and the Lillafüred Waterfall are all places of interest, which are worth a trip.

Excursion possibilities:

  • Beech Mountains: The Bükk Mountains are located in the immediate vicinity of Miskolctapolca, which offers many hiking trails for nature lovers. The highest point of Hungary is located in the mountains, the 964 meter high Kékes.
  • Slice Cave: Szeleta Cave is located in the Bükk Mountains, which is one of the oldest known prehistoric sites in Hungary. The Szeleta Park visitor center and museum currently under construction in front of the cave makes the place even more attractive for tourists, where they can learn about the history and archaeological significance of the cave.
  • Anna rock and Zsófia lookout: The Anna Rock is located in the Bükk Mountains and offers a wonderful panorama of the surrounding countryside. The recently built Zsófia Lookout offers a modern and imposing sight, from where we can admire the landscape in even more detail.
    3. News and developments:
  • Avasi playground: The Avasi playground is one of the newest and most colorful playgrounds in Miskolc, which offers exciting and fun opportunities for all ages. The specialty of the playground, that the designers took the environment into account, and among the play equipment there are such, which are the local plant- and they refer to the animal world.
  • Szeleta Park: Szeleta Park is a visitor center and museum connected to the Szeleta Cave, which, according to the plans, will welcome visitors with interactive exhibitions and programs. The purpose of the park, to present the historical and natural values ​​of the cave, and promote tourism in the area.

The history and future of Miskolctapolca:

The history of Miskolctapolca goes back thousands of years, when the ancient man lived and hunted in this area. In the Middle Ages, the economic importance of the area increased, and many fortifications were built in the area, which can now only be seen in the form of ruins. A 20. century Miskolctapolca a tourism became really significant in terms of, when the healing effects of the Cave Bath were discovered.
The future of Miskolctapolca is closely intertwined with the development of tourism. The city administration and local businesses are investing more and more resources in it, to make the area even more attractive for tourists. The newly built Szeleta Park, the Zsófia Lookout, as well as the development of various accommodations and catering establishments are all aimed at that, to provide visitors with as colorful and memorable experiences as possible.

Gastronomy and local specialties:

Many restaurants in and around Miskolctapolca, a cafe and pastry shop await visitors, where you can taste local and international flavors. Miskolc stuffed cabbage is among the local specialties, the nut dough and the trumpet cake, which are worth tasting in the area.


Nature in and around Miskolctapolca, history and modern adventures are mixed, and offer visitors plenty of options. Even for a weekend, even a longer vacation, attractions in the area, its excursion opportunities and novelties can be interesting and fun for all ages.
In addition to the Cave Bath and Lake Hámori, the Bükk Mountains and nearby Lillafüred are also unmissable attractions.. The Anna rock and the newly built Zsófia lookout offer a unique panorama of the surrounding landscape.. Gastronomic experiences and local specialties are guaranteed to add an extra experience to your time here.
In the future, Miskolctapolca and its surroundings will continue to focus on the development of tourism, to make it even more attractive to visitors. The new developments, like Szeleta Park, the Avasi playground and the Zsófia lookout, they are all built for that purpose, so that the region offers even richer and more memorable experiences.
All in all, exploring Miskolctapolca and its surroundings is a time travel full of adventures and experiences, which provides an unforgettable experience for all ages. The nature, history and modern attractions can be found in this wonderful region, which awaits, to discover and fall in love with.

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