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About Miskolc


About the city in brief, Miskolc It is the fourth largest city in Hungary, the center of the Northern Hungarian region. It can be established thanks to the archaeological finds found in the city, which is also referred to as the "city of open gates"., that history is about 70.000 dates back to years, Thus, it is the oldest inhabited area in Hungary.

If you visit Miskolc, you are guaranteed not to be left without sights, as this city is teeming with tourist attractions.

Among other things, it is unique in Europe Cave Bath of Miskolctapolca, which offers an enjoyable program for children and adults.

Visitors to the city can admire the medieval monument, which is also located here, it was also referred to as the Queen's Castle Castle of Diósgyőr, in which we can also find the most shaped historical panopticon in Central Europe.

The most sought-after places are the localities of by small forest railway is also accessible Lillafüred, where many excursion opportunities await those interested.

A Palotaszálló in Lillafüred From its hanging garden, you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the highest waterfall in Hungary, and the Lake Hámori vizére is, which can also be used for boating. We have the opportunity in this area From a chairlift admire the scenery and if we go for it, do not forget to taste the mouth-watering fried trout sem.

Its attractions also include: a Miskolc National Theater, a Slice Cave (prehistoric cave), a Miskolc Zoo and cultural park, a Plank church and The longest pedestrian street in Europe is.



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