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Use of a key safe

It's no problem if you arrive late!

You will find the entrance key in the key safe. Using the key safe is very easy. The LUGAS1 key safe is located at eye level to the right of the LUGAS1 entrance door.

The LUGAS2 key safe is on the LUGAS2 entrance door at eye level.

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1, You open the leather cover.

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2, You enter the code (I will provide this in a separate message upon arrival)

3, The opening latch (open inscription) you pull it down.

4, You remove the front of the entire key safe, the entire front simply comes off.

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You don't have to put back the front of the key safe, just leave it on the table and I'll find it. If you mess up the code, it's no problem, just press the CLEAR button and you can start over.



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