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Miskolc Pass Tourist Card – Discounts

Miskolc Pass

What you can know about the Miskolc Pass

Frequently Asked Questions

1. It is worth buying a Miskolc Pass?

We calculated, how much it is worth in 2022 Miskolc Pass card, here are the numbers for an adult 24 for an hour. If you only go for half, it's still a great choice.

  • Free public transport within the card's validity period (Bus and tram transport within Miskolc)- 1200 Ft

  • Cave bath (season 4 hour ticket, out of season ticket without time limit) OR Ellipsum Adventure Bath (3 hour ticket) 3 500 Ft
  • Selyemréti Bath 1 900 Ft
  • Ellipsum Beach Bath 4 590 Ft
  • Miskolc Zoo 1 600 Ft.
  • St. Stephen's Stalactite Cave OR Anna Cave 1 700 Ft.
  • Pannonian Sea Museum (Herman Otto Museum) 2 100 Ft.
  • Miskolc Gallery - Rákóczi House 1 000 Ft
  • Miskolc Gallery - Feledy House 1 000 Ft
  • Miskolc Gallery - Petro House 1 000 Ft
  • Thalia House Museum of Actors 1 000 Ft.
  • 20 590 It would be HUF, but only with the Miskolc Pass card 5 990 Ft.

Savings: 14 600 HUF / person

2. I can actually participate in paid programs for free anyway?

Again, you can visit the places listed above for free according to the given conditions!

3. What discount programs can I participate in?, what is the discount?

10-20% you get a discount at many contracted partners, details can be found here: https://www.miskolcpass.com/hu/kedvezmenyt-nyujtok

4. The easiest way to buy a Miskolc Pass?

You can buy it at Tourinform offices, details here: https://www.miskolcpass.com/hu/ertekesitesi-pontok or online here: https://www.miskolcpass.com/hu/online-vasarlas you can use the card immediately when shopping online because you will receive the card in a pdf document that you do not need to print!

5. Public transport is also really free?

Again, It is completely free in Miskolc.



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