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Lugas Apartment 2 Miskolctapolca

You like to keep your privacy? Then we have good news, for the Lugas Apartment **** not just a room with many beds, but a full apartment 2 with bedroom, where you don't have to dodge strangers, so you can completely get away from the noise of the city!

The 50 square meters, SEPARATE ENTRANCE AND FULL APARTMENT, Lugas Apartment **** Miskolctapolca peaceful, It awaits its visitors in the peaceful surroundings of the Rock Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

A Place Apartman 2, 2 pcs double, with a room with mosquito nets and shutters, 1 with kitchen and dining area 1 It has a bathroom with a walk-in shower, with hairdryer and towels provided. The kitchen is suitable for preparing any kind of food, as it is fully equipped, including refrigerator, Microwave, kettle, toaster, coffee maker, gas stove, dehumidifier, kitchen utensils, glasses, bögrék, plates, silverware, cleaning products, paper towels, kitchen towels are also included.

Each room has a double bed and 81 There is a 32-inch flat-screen TV and a safe. It is important to emphasize that it meets the highest expectations, hotel quality 100% we use cotton sheets and beds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I book accommodation for??

Minimum 2 at night but maximum 30 we can provide accommodation for the day. In summer, the minimum number of days that can be booked 3 night.

How good is the wifi, Internet connection?

The wifi is very good, the ping google.hu is around 10ms. You can hold a meeting without any worries, you can use a streaming service provider. Even at the same time 20 people can also connect, we have a 5G network.

What TV provider did you use?? What programs can be watched?

We have been using the DIGI family package for years, a lot of approx. 100 we have a channel like this, they are mainly Hungarian-speaking. If you want to know the channel allocations, you can find them on the DIGI website here: https://digi.hu/tv/csatornalista

How many people can you accommodate??

There are two apartments 1 a Places 1 it is located in the upper and lower part of the Lugas building with two separate entrances. In both apartments 2 there is a bedroom with a double bed in one bedroom 2 can fit a person. So the 2 in the apartment in total 8 person can fit comfortably. The two apartments can be connected if 8 main company arrives.

I haven't been here yet, you are trustworthy?

You can read reviews about us on airbnb,booking,szallas.hu website. If you are not convinced yet call us or come visit us.

You accept a nice card?

Yes, we accept OTP, MKB and K&H nice card, but only with a transfer, we don't have a terminal. If you want to pay with a credit card, then at least before arrival 2-3 start the transfer during the day, to receive the booking fee upon your arrival. You can initiate the payment on the website of the card issuer.

How can I pay with a credit card??

We don't have a terminal and we don't plan to have one. You can pay easily, quickly online through us, by phone and as a down payment in the banking application.

What is the condition of the apartment?, equipment?

The inside of the house is in a new condition, the equipment was completely replaced a few weeks ago (2022.May) new beds, bedding, etc ...

How can I book? It's cheaper to book here?

If you book here direct, then 5%-7% discount from the price on the booking.com website. If you choose to, if you book on a partner site, you can find us at szallas.hu, booking.com, searched for our name on airbnb.com.

I find changing prices, why is that?

Prices may vary depending on the season, but it can also happen ,that we offer a bigger discount on one of the websites. Call us and we will help you book!

What is the difference between Lugas 1 is Lugas 2 between apartments?

to lugas 1 located at street level in Lugas 2 the apartment with a large garden below is therefore much preferred by many, because it is also possible to play table tennis and barbecue. to lugas 1 There is also a smaller terrace in front.

How do I get to you the fastest?

The best solution is a car because the apartment is on the hill and on foot it is quite stressful to get up. But if you don't arrive by car, then let us know and we will help you get to the apartment.

You can find it on social media sites?

Again, you will find us on almost every important page, you will reach the links at the bottom of the website.

The apartment can be viewed before booking?

Again, we will be happy to show you when you are free, you are not the first to view before booking, make an appointment and drive around.

I don't know the area, Can you help?

Again, you can find those programs in the website menu, restaurants, etc ... that we've tried so you won't be disappointed.

Children can be brought? You welcome pets?

Children 0 from the age of one, unfortunately we cannot accept animals.

How can I pay?

Virtually anyway, if you book directly you will receive cash, credit card, reference is also possible to the IFA (450 Ft./fő/nap 18 over a year) but locally, preferably in cash.

What bedding, you use a bed?

We use hotel quality bedding and bedding with the highest quality available.

What can I spend my time in Miskolctapolca?

A lot of programs, Miskolctapolca and its surroundings offer swimming opportunities. We have collected the best places for you, you can find them here: https://lugasapartman.hu/miskolctapolca-programok-ettermek-latnivalok/



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