2 Full apartment 8 mainly with bath tub | Email: [email protected] | Phone: +36703600900

What you can know about us?

I am personally a foreign trader, but I'm actually an online marketer, my wife is a teacher. You run several companies, one of which is a computer shop in Miskolc. A few words about the apartment: 2022 we bought this apartment at the beginning, it had worked that way before. We renovated the power lines, internal equipment, equipped with air conditioning, we embellished a lot. There is always room for improvement so our goal is for further development, installation of amenities.

We only rent an apartment where we would like to stay, we would come back and take it seriously!


Just one word.Excellent! May 1, 2022

Marcel Moga Paler, ro



You can read about us on Airbnb, Booking, Accommodation.com as well as on Google map. We're glad, that a lot of our guests leave satisfied and will return.


Free cancellation

If you cancel on time we will never charge an extra fee!

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House rule

We don't write novels about it, we just ask, to treat it the same way, act like you're home.


Payment options

Beauty card contracts are still pending, but you can also pay in cash outside, card but you can also refer, which is more convenient.

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A Place Apartman Miskolctapolca it is located in one of the best places because it is quiet and easily accessible, but still close to the beaches are the boating and bobsleigh tracks.



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