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The renovated Lillafüred State Forest Railway has reopened

The Lillafüred State Forest Railway has reopened its doors to the public after a long renovation. The line is one of the most important tourist attractions in the region, which remains an attractive destination for hikers and nature lovers.

  1. Details of the renovation The renovation of the Lillafüred State Forest Railway was realized at the cost of serious efforts, the tracks during the works, the fittings, and the railway stations and waiting rooms were also renovated. The purpose of the investment was to increase the safety and comfort of the railway, so that visitors can spend quality time on the line.
  2. History of the Lillafüred State Forest Railway The Lillafüred State Forest Railway has been serving tourists and locals for more than a hundred years. The line, originally used for timber transport, has now become a unique tourist destination, which offers the perfect opportunity to explore the wonderful landscapes. The line, built in 1917, has undergone several renovations over the years, to meet the requirements of the age.
  3. The significance of the line is a tourism for The Lillafüred State Forest Railway is located in the heart of the Bükk National Park, so the line allows visitors, to easily discover the surrounding natural wonders. The renewal of the line further increases the interest of tourists in the region, which contributes to the recovery of the local economy.
  4. The future of the line The renovation of the Lillafüred State Forest Railway opens a new chapter in the history of the line. The future of the line is assured, because even more tourists can come to the region thanks to the developments. The continuous growth of interest in the railway makes it possible to implement further developments and investments, which promotes the sustainability of the line and the tourism development of the surrounding areas.
  1. The Lillafüred State Forest Railway and surrounding attractions In addition to the re-opening of the line, it is also worth exploring the surrounding attractions. Lillafüred itself is a beautiful resort, where visitors can admire Lake Hámori, the waterfall and the Lillafüred Palace Inn. The other stations along the line also offer many interesting sights, such as the Jávorkút Kőfülke, the Vörökő mountain lookout or the Szentlélek mountain cave.
  2. Using the line and buying tickets The renovated Lillafüred State Forest Railway offers visitors a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Tickets can be purchased at train stations or online, and you can take advantage of various discounts, for example for group or family tickets. Train schedules are easily available, so that hikers can make the most of their time in the wonderful Bükk National Park.

The renovation of the Lillafüred State Forest Railway means an increase in the tourist attraction of the region. The reopened line and the surrounding attractions offer great recreation for all ages. As a result of the improvements, the line has become even more attractive to visitors, and contributes to the further development of the local economy and tourism.

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