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Miskolc programs, restaurants, attractions 2024

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Recent places, Programmes

  • Avasi lookout playground Horváth roof (map)
  • Zsófia lookout Lilafüred
  • Bükk Star (map) an astronomical visitor center, which is located in the Bükk Mountains in the Bükk National Park, It is located within the administrative boundaries of Répáshuta.
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Our favorite restaurants

These restaurants, programs we have tried many times, so we highly recommend it to you! We recommend these in and around Miskolc!

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Nearby shops, stores, ATMs

You don't know where to find the nearest stores? We help!

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Have a good time?

Gastronomy is not far from you? You would like to pamper your taste buds with delicious snacks?What kind of food do you like?
Hungarian restaurants:

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You want an active holiday?

If you were walking a huge one with the family, or have unforgettable experiences with your buddies, don't miss these:

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I'm interested in history?

If you are interested in history and culture, take a look at these by all means:

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Passive rest?

You would spend your time in Miskolctapolca relaxing? Visit Europe is unique To the cave bath, which, in addition to its special sight, offers the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind.
You could try something else? We recommend these:

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At the beach? Spas also in winter!

If you want unforgettable experiences and love to go to the beach in Miskolctapolca and its surroundings, then it is Ellipsum Experience- and Bath it is guaranteed not to disappoint! The spa complex is the perfect place to relax for all ages and families, for swimming and experience!

More beaches in Miskolc:

Spas with indoor pools open in winter close to the Lugas Apartment:

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Have fun?

You're partying a lot? You can do that in Miskolc! If you want unforgettable experiences, look for these places:

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At the fishing?

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At the hunter?

If you pursue hunting as a hobby, then this is your place, because Miskolctapolca lies at the foot of the Bükk region, thus offering countless opportunities for hunters! You can find information about hunting opportunities in the Northern Forest here.

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You would never miss a good festival? Miskolc your place! If you visit here, you can participate:

Miskolc játszótér


Nearby playgrounds:

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  • Hejőment riding park, map
  • Bükki equestrian park, map
  • Dante's stable, map
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Wineries nearby

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Equipment available for rent

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