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bogacs termalfurdo elemenyfurdo latvanyterv Lugas Apartman **** Miskolctapolca

instead of Miskolctapolca cave bath?

You are planning a few days of relaxation this autumn, but you don't know what to visit, most, that closed the Cave bath, Ellipsum and Selyemréti Beach Baths as well? Don't despair, we'll show you where you can soak your tired limbs!

1. Bogács Spa (map)

bogacs termalfurdo elemenyfurdo latvanyterv Lugas Apartman **** Miskolctapolca

If you would like to enjoy the beneficial health effects of sulfur healing water, don't miss Miskolc approx 50 kilometers away is the spa located in the town of Bogács, which holds joyful moments for both young and old, moreover now, out of season, you can also visit the adventure spa at no extra charge.

2. Zsóry Spa (map)

termalfurdo zsory furdo mezokovesd 8 Lugas Apartman **** Miskolctapolca

If you stay in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, visit the Zsóry Spa, which also has sulphurous medicinal water, which is approximately from Miskolc 40 kilometers away, Mezőkövesd settlement.

3. Cascade Cave Bath (map)

Cascade Barlangfurdo Lugas Apartman **** Miskolctapolca

If you absolutely insist on the experiences provided by the cave, choose the Cascade Cave Bath in Demén, which provides unforgettable experiences for all members of the family!

4. Egerszalók (map)

Egerszalok Lugas Apartman **** Miskolctapolca

Not just one here, but you can visit several places, because the Saliris Resort, famous for its salt hill, is located here, as well as the related Nosztalgia Stradfürdő, therefore, if you could fly back in time and revive it, what was the 70's like?, 80-to pant in years, visit here!

5. Eger Thermal spa (map)

Eger Termalfurdo Lugas Apartman **** Miskolctapolca

The Egri Thermal Bath is also located in Heves county, which awaits its visitors with its medicinal water and unique programs.

These would have been the best thermal baths we recommended, which you should put on your boot list this autumn.

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